Black Rose in May

Eight year old Norman discovers unfamiliar feelings for a young girl who shares his love of frogs and forests only to lose her when she moves back to Kentucky. From this early experience, he embarks on an epic pursuit for a soul mate that takes him from his hometown in Ohio west to the majestic peaks of Colorado and beyond. His journey is filled with near misses amidst a challenging dating landscape that tries even the most hopeless romantics. Despite these mishaps, the fates bless him as he is reunited with a soul he’d begun to believe did not exist. But just when his stars appear to align, the fates throw him back on his perilous journey when his love is lost just as their lives have finally turned magical. He must strive to overcome this roller coaster ride of life, love, and loss to turn his black rose in May into a path to redemption. Based on a real love story. Click here to preview! Black-Rose-in-May-Amazon

ISBN9781523918485 (6×9 Paperback – 277 pages – 107,904 words) copyright 2016

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London biographer, Harry Holden, has never found love. As a book clerk writing biographies of famous naval officers, his sporadic quests for love are epic failures. But now he confronts the mysteries of romance when stranded in a remote Colorado ski town, working on the biography of Columbian pop star, Ricki Heart. Ricki’s natural magnetism and insatiable love of women lands him in hot water, and poor Harry attempts to unravel the tangles of love gone awry with a man too chivalrous for his own good. After surviving avalanches, overzealous resort workers, and paparazzi, surely he can navigate a simple case of love at first sight. Will Harry rescue his employer from the prison of fame, or will he fall victim to the drama permeating the mountain town of Snowchute? Click here to preview!

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ISBN: 9798673065679 (6×9 Paperback – 259 pages – 95,294 words) copyright 2020

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